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2020 International
AAHGS Book Award Winners


Children: Educational

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Forced American Heroes: Coloring and Activity Book Volume 3

Janelle McDowell
(CreateSpace Independent Publisher)

Children: General

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I Know I Can!

Veronica N. Chapman
(Boxxout Enterprises Publisher)

Young Adult: Coming of Age

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My Soul Told on Me

Chantelle Agbro

Historical-Fiction: Event/Era

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Tituba: The Intentional Witch of Salem

Dave Tamanini
(David F. Tamanini Publisher)

Historical Fiction: Romance/History Focus

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The Secrets of the Harvest

Toretha Wright
(WrightStufCo Publisher)  

Non-Fiction: Autobiography

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The Other Madisons: The Lost History of a President's Black Family

Bettye Kearse
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Non-Fiction: Current Events/Social Change

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Arrival of the First Africans in Virginia

Ric Murphy
(Heritage Press)

Non-Fiction: Education/ Academic

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Culture Focused Teaching:
The Simple System to Escape Classroom Management Disaster and Fall in Love with Teaching Again 

Dr. Dee Bell Williams
(Dr. Dee Unlimited Publishing)

Non-Fiction: Genealogy

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Finding Daisy:
From the Deep South to the Promised Land

Kathy Lynne Marshall
(Kanika Marshall Art and Books Publishing)

Non-Fiction: Government/Politics

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Black Heroes of Fire
Fire Engine Company 21: The History of the First African American Fire Company in Chicago

Dekalb Walcott, Jr.
(Dekalb Walcott, Jr. Publishing)

Non-Fiction: Historical

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African Americans & Africa: A New History

Dr. Nemata Blyden
(Yale University Press)

Non-Fiction: Military

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Section 27 and Freedman's Village in Arlington National Cemetery
The African American History of America's Most Hallowed Ground

Ric Murphy
(McFarland Publishers)


Non-Fiction: Multicultural

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Understanding the Far-Reaching Global Impact of the World Racial Order

Sterlin D. Williams
(New Book Authors Publishing)

Non-Fiction: Reference