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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to commonly asked questions.

Why should I enter the International AAHGS Book Awards?

Our contest is an opportunity to:

What specific benefits will Winners and Finalists receive?

Who is eligible to apply?

How many different book titles may I enter?

There is no limit to the number of titles you can enter. Each title will be judged individually and separately.

How many categories may I enter per title?

You may enter as many categories as you like per title. We recommend selecting the categories you wish to enter based on those that most apply to your book or to your marketing strategies.

When will I be notified if my book has been selected as a Finalist or Winner?

Winners and Finalists will be announced and notified by the end of June, enabling awardees the opportunity to make arrangements to attend the Award Gala in the fall.

Will I be notified even if I don't win or do not place as a Finalist?

No.   Only Winners and Finalists will be notified of their Winner or Finalist status, however, a complete list of Winners and Finalists will be available to view online by the end of July.

If my book is not chosen, may I get feedback from the judges on my book?

We are sorry but our judges are all volunteers with heavy schedules that will not allow them time to provide that service to you.

Will I/we know who the judges are/were?

Judges names will not be posted due to confidentially and to ensure the integrity of the competition. Judges decisions are final.

Is there a time frame for date of book publication ...or can I enter my book from 1962?

The time frame for any award cycle is any book with a publication date of five years of the date of the submission.  Your work must be an active publication on Amazon.?

May I enter a self-published book?

Yes, if your book is an active publication on Amazon, you may still apply. 

Who were some of your previous winners?

Please go to the following site: ...more info

How will books be judged?

Books will be judged in five areas: book cover, book content/readability, book organization, book presentation and the overall message conveyed in the book.